User Agreement


By using the information herein, and the products and services offered by this site you agree to all of the following terms, conditions and restrictions.


In using e-Liberty and any products, services, or information associated with the business you agree that should you fail to comply with any of the policies set forth by e-Liberty that we have to authority to terminate your account and your use of products, services, and participation.

e-Liberty cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, intercepted, compromised, or ill-managed personal information.

e-Liberty does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or any other social, political, or socio-economic status.


Products (such as Defygo) will require you to create an account with e-Liberty. You are only required to have a valid Email account to register and you may choose to remain as anonymous as you prefer. e-Liberty will not for any reason divulge information to any 3rd party entity unless required to do so by law. By using this site and any products or services herein you must agree that you understand and will abide by all, local, state, federal, and international laws to which you or your business may be subject. See Also our article on encryption export restrictions.

You must also agree that when you register that you are registering with an Email account that is accessed solely by you. You also agree that should you no longer use that Email address that you will notify e-Liberty either through Email or by changing the registered Email address associated with your account.

You also agree that you will be the sole user of the registered account and that you will not share details of your login information (i.e. password) with anyone.

Users are not required to use any personally identifiable information other than a verified Email address as stated above. e-Liberty may choose to re-verify registered Email addresses with a user to insure non-repudiation.

Each individual is only allotted one account, if an individual registers a new account they are required to notify e-Liberty so that we can delete the inactive account. In the event that a user enters a contest that individual may enter the contest only once, period.

Contests will be conducted fairly in a random, unbiased lottery in which each contestant will receive one chance to win. The winner will be notified via Cryptogram message and we will announce that there has been a winner on the website. If the gift is in a physical form that requires delivery the contestant will have to provide necessary shipping instructions to e-Liberty in order to receive the prize. Should the prize be in an electronic form e-Liberty will send receipt instructions after the user claims their winnings.


In cases where you (a parent or guardian) have authorized a minor to participate in the usage of information, products and/or services provided by e-Liberty that you accept full responsibility for insuring that this minor adheres to the policies set forth by e-Liberty, as well as the local, state, federal and international laws to which you and said minor are subject. You agree to accept full responsibility for the minor’s actions. You also agree to insure their own identity's security from malicious individuals.


You must acknowledge that you are solely responsible for keeping information associated with your account username and password secret. You agree to contact e-Liberty immediately should you suspect that your login has been compromised. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen information should you allow others to access your account. In fact allowing others to use your e-Liberty account is strictly forbidden and should we suspect that you are sharing your account with other individuals (even trusted individuals) you may be banned from participation on the website.

As a user you must understand and accept that you are responsible for your own security. Should you use our products or services, specifically Defygo, you must understand that you are in complete control of your personal security. We do not (without your explicit permission) obtain ANY information that directly pertains to your identity. We simply provide mediation between you and any other friends, relatives, co-workers, or acquaintances that you may wish to send secure electronic messages to, simply we provide any registered user, at your request, the ability to communicate with you. We will not allow anyone that you have not expressly approved to contact you to do so through the use of our products or services.

By participating in site discussion you must abide by a few basic rules.

i. Civility
ii. Clean Language
iii. Truthfulness

By participating in site discussion you agree that to the best of you knowledge everything that you post is true. However, e-Liberty reserves the right to block posts made if we feel they are incorrect, obtrusive, or dastardly. If you choose to consistently post untrue or obtrusive comments in the discussion e-Liberty reserves the right to deny or ban the use of products and services associated with the website.

The products and services provided to the public by e-Liberty may only be used for their intended purpose. By using any products, services, or information on this site you agree to abide by all laws and regulations to which you or we may be subject and you agree not to use them to commit, or use them as an accessory to committing a heinous act. A heinous act is described as anything that may be done to harm any person, place, or thing.

Specifically you agree not to use e-Liberty Products, Services, or Information to:
  1. Email (encrypted or otherwise), Cryptogram, post, or transmit any data that may harm, exploit, harass, deter, or instigate any other individual.
  2. Sell or propagate pornography, drugs, weapons, or any other illicit or illegal materials.
  3. Transmit any type of information that discloses the location, or identity of any minor.
  4. Transmit any type of information that may be harmful to any minor.
  5. Make any sexual representation on the part of a minor or represent any sexual threat, misgivings or proceedings towards a minor.
  6. Harass, stalk, or harm any individual.
  7. Impersonate any user as oneself.
  8. Falsify verification information (Email address).
  9. Email, post, transmit, propagate, cryptogram, or otherwise disclose information that you are lawfully required, or under contractual obligation, to conceal.
  10. Email, post, transmit, propagate, cryptogram, or otherwise disclose information that may lead to unethical computer violations (unethical hacking).
  11. Email, post, transmit, propagate, cryptogram, or otherwise disclose information that is protected by trademark, patent, or copyright.
  12. Email, post, transmit, propagate, cryptogram, information such as SPAM, pyramid schemes, or any falsified schemes that are seen as detrimental to users.
  13. Email, post, transmit, propagate, cryptogram, or otherwise transmit any mobile malicious code, such as, worms, trojans, viruses, rootkits, or any other material, program, script, or source code that may be considered malicious.
  14. Vote more than once on any particular poll.
  15. Use any automated means to download any products or services.
  16. Copy products or services for anything but personal use.
  17. Use any flaws or weaknesses to your own advantage over others.
  18. Modify them in anyway that may deter others from using them.
  19. Modify them in anyway that may harm e-Liberty.
  20. Find flaws, and then exploit them. Any flaws should be immediately reported to e-Liberty so that we can fix them for the benefit of all. In fact we welcome such applications of knowledge and skill, so long as they are conducted in conjunction with ethical decision making.
  21. Modify, re-transmit, sell or otherwise misrepresent them as your own.
  22. Post or transmit links or information not directly associated with a discussion to websites for personal gain.
  23. Disrupt or deny products or services to individuals, users, and anyone who can legally obtain or use them.
  24. Intentionally disrupt traffic associated with any website.
  25. Intentionally or unintentionally break any applicable laws including, but not limited to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Export Administration.
  26. Mislead or misrepresent yourself as any e-Liberty employee, or other registered user.
  27. Obtain more than one individual account
  28. Knowingly allow products, services, or information to fall into the hands of individuals who would use it for malicious intent.