Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Defygo?

    Defygo is a Personal Security Suite designed to protect your Identity by safeguarding your important Usernames, Passwords, Files, and Emails. Defygo provides users with a free and easy way of securing themselves and their communications with others.

  2. Why do I need Defygo?

    First off, if you are like us you probably have 25-35 User Accounts at any given time. Since it would be impossible to remember that many unique, strong passwords most people are likely to choose usernames and passwords that are similar, identitical, or easy to guess. This can be very hazardous because if one account is broken into or compromised, it may leave all of the other accounts open to attack. Many of these accounts have valuable information, such as credit cards, bank accounts, social security numbers, and various other personal information that could be maliciously used against any victim of such attacks. Defygo stores all of this information with state-of-the-art encryption techniques and allows only you access to that information. Not only does it keep it safe, but it also makes it quick and easy to access, process, or edit the information anywhere you go.

    Second, around 7 million people a year are victims of identity theft. 19% of all Identity Theft victims personally knew the individual that stole their identity. Therefore it is important to have strong, well-managed passwords to keep private data private, even from those you see on a day-to-day basis.

    Third, Defygo secures electronic communication between users. This is very important because Email is not protected by law. It is not illegal for someone to try and intercept your Email. Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual to keep themselves secure. Defygo makes this process as simple as possible and even allows short encrypted messages (we call CryptoGrams) to be sent to friends from within the program. For longer messages users can easily utilize the Email Encryption features and even add encrypted attachments to Emails sent from Defygo.

  3. Don't other places like Banks and Websites keep my private information safe?

    Yes, for the most part websites do keep your private information safe. However, by giving you access to that information they also provide attackers with a means to get to your account. If you do not have unique and strong passwords on all of your accounts an attacker may be able to access valuable information from these websites under your own account!

  4. If I register with you, will that give other people a chance to get access to ALL of my information?

    No. Because we at are dedicated to keeping you secure, we do not have access to the personal information that you enter into Defygo. You simply have to register a verified Email address to use the program. You do not even have to give us your First Name! We only make you register because we want to provide a means for you to communicate securely with contacts of your choosing and have unlimited access to your Identities anywhere in the world. We DO NOT have the ability to decrypt or access any of the information that you store in Defygo. Neither do we store or process encrypted Emails. Period. That information is for you and you alone.

  5. Does having only one password to access ALL of my other passwords make me less secure?

    No. The idea being if you could remember 35 unique usernames and passwords then there would be no need for Defygo. It would be infeasible for anyone to mathmatically break into your accounts. However, since this is not the case we provide you the ability to choose one strong password that would take longer to mathmatically break than the universe has been in existence and we do the rest!

  6. What do I need to use Defygo?

    You need to have Windows with the Microsoft .NET Framework installed and an user account. That's it.

  7. Why does Defygo give me an error when I try to run it?

    If you are unable to run Defygo on your computer it is because you do not have the Microsoft .Net Framework. You can download .Net here or you can go to our download page and get the Easy Installation Package under "Not Sure". This installation package will help you download the necessary dependencies for Defygo.

  8. What security measures does Defygo take to keep me secure?

    Defygo uses many state of the art techniques to make sure that all of your information is secured. Specifically, Triple DES, AES, Public/Private Key, SSL, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512. Each of these methods is used with unique programming to offer you the highest quality, performance, and security available.

  9. Sometimes I can't see the text in Defygo, or the icons have black around them. Why is that?

    This is probably due to McAffee Anti-Virus 8.0 It has a known bug that has problems with .NET applications. To fix this problem you can get the patch from McAffee's website or you can turn off 'Buffer Overflow' at the Virus Scan Console. If there is an emergency and you are unable to apply the patch or turn off 'Buffer Overflow' we have found that if you click 'Edit' an Identity and then 'Save' you will at least be able to see all of your identities and get their account information.