Privacy Policy

At we are dedicated to keeping users secure and respecting each individual's privacy. Here we have outlined specifically what collects from users and what we do with it.
  1. Collection of information
    • requires registered users to provide a valid/verified Email address to complete registration. Registered users have the option to provide more information in their profiles should they choose to do so. Although will not use any of this information for our unfair benefit, we will store and maintain this information, and provide other registered users with the ability to view the information that you have selected to provide. None of this extra information is required, it's provision is at the discretion of the registered user.
    • Registered users will create an account with a unique username and password. This password is securely Hashed and stored to provide unique and private access to the sole account owner.
    • will process, store, and maintain the encrypted (or hashed) contents of the sensitive information sent to us. We will however be unable to transmit, process, understand, or further propogate this information without the complete credentials of a registered user and (if applicable) their Security Key.
    • Servers automatically record certain information about your visits to our site such as(IP address, Date of access, Country of Origin, and Click-stream statistics).
  2. Editing Information
    • Registered users may change their account information at any time. They may also add, modify, or delete anything associated with However, old information may be contained in backups for a period of time after those changes are made.
  3. What we do not do
    • does not provide any advertisers or third party companies with personal information.
    • We do not collect anything that is not expressly provided by you.
    • does not, and will not use any of the sensitive information that you provide us to our unfair advantage, financially or otherwise.
    • will not at anytime charge a mandatory fee for the services rendered through the Public Client to existing users.
    • does not, and will not support or condone the malicious use of our services or products.
    • does not save sensitive information in cleartext.
    • We do not process or store credit card information on our servers, for the time being PayPal handles all of our online financial transactions.
  4. What we do
    • will provide registered users with a secure way to access the information that they save through our services.
    • We will also provide a way for registered users identified as Pals to view the profile of other identified Pals.
    • All of our services that pertain to sensitive information are protected by SSL. These include all communication aspects of
    • may use the general, aggregated statistics gathered about our users and visitors to evaluate how we are doing and make decisions based on that data to provide current and future users with continuous improvement.
    • also reserves the right to deny users or visitors (who abuse their privileges) service should we deem it necessary to protect ourselves, our users, and/or our assets.
    • may send registered users information that pertains to their account or the services we provide.
    • may, though infrequently, contact registered users about promotions, news and events, or information pertaining to
    • will comply with all legal processes and protections that pertain to the information we process and store.
    • We will store personal addresses for the purpose of shipping ordered merchandise or services.
    • We may share information with any affiliate or subsidiary company of for our purposes. These companies will be made to comply with the contents of the privacy policy stated herein. Should become involved in a merger, aquisition, or sale we will notify registered users of any applicable privacy changes.
  5. Definitions:
    • Pal/CryptoPal: When two registered users establish a 'Friendly' relationship through our services they are established as 'Pals.' This relationship can be terminated or rekindled at any time, and it's establishment and continuance is at the discretion of each individual in the relationship. Pal's will inherently be able to securely collect your registered Email address for the period of time that the relationship is active.
    • Sensitive Information: Identities, Passwords, Private Keys, and SMTP login information.