When a company says they are going to store your passwords, the first question you should ask is, "Is it Secure?". There are a variety of different answers to that question. Most companys will say, "Yeah, we have secured it and the only people that can get to your data is you and us." The staff here at e-Liberty says, "The only person that can get to your data is you."

Encryption and Traffic

Defygo uses many state of the art techniques to make sure that all of your information is secured. We use a unique combination of the following types of encryption to secure your sensitive data:

  • Triple DES
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • RSA Public/Private Key (1024 bit)
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-512
  • SSL (128 bit)

Since we store your sensitive information on our servers, we must ensure our users that the traffic from your defygo to our servers is secure. Defygo establishes a secure 128 bit SSL connection with our server every time it passes your data. Once your information reaches the server, it is immediately encrypted with your credentials and is then stored in our database. Keep in mind, only you know your credentials and therefore you are the only person that can lock and unlock your valuable data. You can be absolutely sure that your information to and from our site is never in the clear. Below you can see a database snapshot of stored usernames and passwords:

The process we take to encrypt your data ensures that you are the only person with they key to unlock it. We should probably say "keys" since it takes two passwords to get into Defygo. We realize that your two passwords used to unlock your data are extremely important so we have also implemented bruteforce prevention and software keystroke logger protection.

Email and Cryptograms

Public/Private key encryption for email has been around for quite sometime. However, we feel that many of the programs out there that implement this technology are confusing and hard to use. Our Defygo email and cryptogram features use the best of this encryption technology coupled with a system that you are familiar with. The buddy/pal system that is used in all messenger services is the backbone of this system. You simply add and remove pals at your convenience and we handle the credentials of your pals for you. Also, keep in mind that when you first login to Defygo it will randomly create your Public and Private key. Your public key is securely uploaded and is then distributed to your pals. Your private key is encrypted with your Defygo Credentials and is then stored on our server. When you are sent an email or cryptogram, only your credentials can decrypt it making you the only person in the world that can read that message.

File Encryption

How secure is file encryption?? It is as secure as you want it to be. You have complete control over your file encryption and decryption. With every file you encrypt, you choose what password you encrypt it with and one of two industry proven encryption standards (AES and TDES). If you choose a good secure password then you will have a good secure encrypted file. However, if you choose a weak password then someone may be able to guess your password and decrypt the file. We have provided you with the tools and the rest is up to you.